What Hunters Are Saying:

"Let me start out by saying great product. I was skeptical now I'm a believer. I'm a hunter from New Hampshire, I hunt everything I can legally hunt on the east coast your calls have not only helped me harvest game but also identify some species that I was not familiar with."

Jake via email

"I have had this app for three days and I have seen deer each day using it, including the second largest buck I have ever seen. Great sounds and well worth the money."

Gamer C via iTunes

"Sitting in a tree stand waiting on some hog action and nothing was moving. Found this app, downloaded and within 30 minutes of playing around with it I had 4 hogs under me! Only 3 walked away!"

Shanks128 via iTunes

"No need to buy expensive callers, this does it all..."

Watty1964 via iTunes

"Awesome program guys! Called a 6 point in for my son's first buck, he's only 8. I was skeptical at first and saw this buck coming in before we had even set up. I normally use traditional calls but didn't have one handy so I grabbed my phone and it worked like a champ."

Mason L. via email

"I went to the hunt club this morning to look around a bit and decided to climb up in one of the stands. While I was there I heard crows calling so I figured I would try the app. Within a minute I had a crowd all around me. About 9:30, four deer came by. I called them back using the mild bleat. Next I will try it on coyotes. Love the app."

Butch Newton via iTunes

"Your app ROCKS! We have lots of fun using this in the woods and waterways for teaching kids (and adults) wildlife sounds. My husband also listens to several of your app calls to practice his own hunting calls. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making such a 'complete' app and striving to continue to perfect it as you go."

Wayne & Marie via email

"Funny, never thought you could call in a ring neck pheasant but this app did. Think I'll buy the rest of them. Good job app creators!"

soup kitchen via iTunes

"Awesome app. Numerous clear calls to choose from and great selection. I use this with a speaker and it gets plenty loud. I've called in raccoons and coyotes. Excellent customer service. The author always responds!"

Rc newcomer via iTunes

"I am currently in South Carolina and near a ocean marsh. I heard a rumor that there were alligators in the water! I downloaded the full version of the app, grabbed my iHome and played juvenile alligator noises...sure enough, an alligator appeared and came right up to the iHome I placed on the ground!"

Zach Z. via email

"Awesome app guys, I called in a beautiful 8 point buck last weekend using the Doe Estrus Bleat, I hooked my phone up to a small speaker in my tree stand and it worked perfect! Couldn't get a shot at him because it was a little too dark out, but when I get him I will email a pic, I also called a coyote in using the coyote social call, this app and you guys are amazing! Thnx for a great creation, and a quality product!"

Roy P. via email

"Your calls are awesome! I was just standing in my yard and heard a bunch of crows fighting a hawk. They were in the woods. How did I know that was going on? Because I listened to your call. Your call was identical to the real thing and I assume a recording of the real thing. I can't wait to get my speaker so I can use your calls to get some of those crows."

drscot via email

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