Use iHunt Calls speakers to echo out the hunting sounds you need to lure in the prey

iHunt Calls speakers are specially designed to optimize game call sounds for animals to hear. They are loud enough to break through wind and other ambient noise and clear so it sounds just like the real thing. Point them in the direction you want the sound to carry and play your favorite sounds.

The iHunt calls speakers are designed to either sit on the ground or hang from your stand or trees. They are water resistant in case you get caught in the rain and snow while out in the field.

When looking at remote electronic game callers it boils down to the remote control and the sound quality. Your phone is far more sophisticated than any game caller remote control made today and you already carry it around so no more gear to forget. When the iHunt app, played through your phone, is paired with one of the iHunt speakers, you have the best remote caller combination you can get.

The products below arethe best speakers to use with the iHunt Calls App

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  • iHunt Phantom Link 150 Game Call

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  • iHunt Remote Predator Decoy

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  • iHunt Ultimate Game Call

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